About this App

The Funtastic Series is specially designed to give preschoolers a solid start in learning. The series covers Bahasa Melayu, English, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Science and Moral Education.

In order to improve the quality of learning and make the learning experience more effective and enjoyable, we have included multimedia contents in this series. 

There is a variety of animated chants, rhymes, songs and poems in this app. With the built-in karaoke feature, children can now sing and recite whenever they like. 

You can also find writing tutorials in this app. Children can learn how to write the letters of the alphabet, numbers and Chinese characters. What’s more, they also get to practise writing them on a digital device. 

Apart from that, we also included 3D AR in this app. With this, the learning process in the classroom won’t be boring and dull anymore. 

Besides, audio is given to help children improve their listening and speaking skills. They learn how to pronounce new words correctly. 

A series of fun and engaging games and quizzes that serves as reinforcement is featured in this app. Now, practices and revisions can be fun and enjoyable.

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