Funtastic AR Board Book

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About this App

The Funtastic AR Board Book app is vibrant app that introduces the letters of the alphabet, and the concept of numbers, colours and shapes to young children. 

The app uses Augmented Reality technology that brings the illustrations to life with lively, 3 dimensional animations. The interactive elements are well thought out to assist the young learner in achieving the learning objectives. Children can actively count, write and solve simple quizzes in learning about the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes. 

The app also provides interactive games to reinforce the learning objective and make the learning process more fun and enjoyable. 

The app features: 

  • Augmented Reality technology which allows 3 dimensional animations to “pops” out of the page 
  • Interactive games that make the learning process for fun and enjoyable 
  • Early writing practice features which allow children to practice writing the alphabet letters, * numbers, etc. on the screen
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