About this App

Amazing Alphabets 3D What is Augmented Reality (AR)? Augmented Reality is the technology that integrates digital information with the user’s environment in real time. An interactive and fun way to learn alphabets, Amazing Alphabets 3D is no ordinary A-Z book! The Amazing Alphabets 3D app reveals the hidden magic that’s kept within this alphabet book, showing you and your child how these otherwise mundane alphabets come amazingly to life! 

The alphabet items will appear to “pop” right out of the pages in real time. First, get your copy of Amazing Alphabets 3D from any major bookstores near you. Then, scan the letter “A” and take bite from a juicy apple, scan the letter “Z” to hear the sounds of a running zebra, and explore everything in between! Learning with interactive media is a surefire way for your child to learn their A-Z! What’s more, your child can also play a fun Guessing Game to test their memory, and the intriguing Maze Game with the alphabet song! 

How it helps children learn: This innovative app is designed to engage children by stimulating their crucial senses during the learning process. The app is also truly interactive by not only responding when tapped or touched, but by also allowing your child to actually experience the items, like playing a virtual xylophone or scribbling on a drawing pad. Interactivity is a crucial aspect in retaining children’s interest and memory. Most importantly, it helps them to understand how things work. 

This app features: 

  • Augmented Reality (AR) – interactive animations and sounds for all 26 alphabets. 
  • Tracing game for learning to write 
  • Pronunciation of all alphabets 
  • Randomised Guessing Game 
  • Maze Game with the alphabet song
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